Agency vs. Private Caregiver: What choice is right for you?

With the rise of more and more Seniors needing care, agencies are sprouting as well as Private Caregivers or CNAs. Agencies or private CNA’s make it possible for people with functional limitations to remain at home in a comfortable, familiar environment. So, what is the difference between Agencies and a Private CNA? And which one is for you?

A licensed home care agency has a responsibility to provide ongoing supervision for their employees, which includes helping aids understand the changing needs of a client, assuring the proper limits of care according to the practice acts of the various levels of professionals and also mediating difficult relationship issues. A home care agency is licensed by AHCA (Agency of Healthcare Administration), and there are rules and regulations to follow when recruiting/hiring employees such as background checks, reference checks, drug screening, and ensuring their license is up to date. In addition, an agency is required to carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation to ensure our clients and employees are always protected.

When a client is with a homecare agency there is a whole team of qualified personnel to ensure proper care is provided. From the administrator to a scheduler, the care of a client is top priority.

When using an agency, a client has a team of CNA’s that can be called upon to ensure care is provided, especially if the main CNA of the client calls off sick, is on vacation etc.

We always suggest when searching for care either for yourself or a loved one to always search 3 options. Interview each option and go with what you are most comfortable with. The most important thing is to find care that will allow you to reach your goal of continuing to live in your home, safely and securely.

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