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I’ve always had a passion for serving Seniors. When I was receiving my education for Speech Language Pathology, I knew I wanted to take the medical/ Adult route to serve Seniors with neurocognitive Impairments (i.e. Dementia, Parkinson’s, Stroke, ALS, etc.). I wanted to get to the source of where these impairments where, and assist patients to regain their communication, story telling knowledge, so they can keep and form relationships.
I worked at skilled nursing facilities and hospitals providing therapy for my patients to regain their independence and return home safely. I wasn’t making the impact that I always saw myself doing-I had multiple patients re-admitted for the same issues such as a fall, even though we worked intensively on increasing safety in the home. I kept asking “Why is this happening? We worked on this! “
It was difficult to educate families on the patients’ cognitive needs. Many families would cite, “Well that’s just how he is”. I was worried and concerned that once discharged home, I did not know if my efforts were successful in terms of my patients continuing therapy and demonstrating improvement.
In 2018, I was integrated into my mom’s caregiver company, Perfect Solutions for Seniors.
As a collective group, my mom, my sister and I knew we could provide higher level services to our already clientele. With my assistance and my sister’s, in 2018 we become a licensed Homecare company which allowed us to place qualified CNA’s into Seniors homes—This new licensure enables us to provide higher level homecare to allow the client to stay in their home surrounded by the memories they have cultivated over the years. I love going to client’s homes on the initial visit, and seeing generations of photos on the walls. It reaffirms the love of what I do.
It’s here, where my clinical skills and passion for Seniors’ really came alive. I use my clinical skill set to provide hands on education to my staff and I am able to see how much my client benefits in their home. I am able to see my client in their home environment and cultivate a plan that allows effective communication and for their wants and needs to readily be met—I set high standards for our employees and educate them on how to achieve successful outcomes using a comprehensive training program. Now I can rest easy knowing that our client’s cognitive skills, physical needs and emotional well being are all being successfully achieved, improving their overall quality of life. It is extremely satisfying and invigorating because I can see difference we are making in improving my client’s lives .

Perfect Solutions for Seniors

Senior care services in available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Perfect Solutions for Seniors also provides Sarasota home care and elder care contracts for a period of time or on an as needed basis. Affordable and competitive elder care and home-care rates. Ask us a question or request an in-home consultation.

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