National Safety Month - Fourth of July Independence Day

With Fourth of July coming up, and many celebrations to enjoy, here are some activities to incorporate an elderly loved one.

1. 1. Include them in meal prep for the big barbeque. Have them toss together the coleslaw, or put the silverware together.
2. 2. Have them guide a craft activity for the little ones in the family. There are many pintables that are free online, and your loved one can easily follow to guide the little ones.

3. 3. Set aside a quiet room in the home where they can read out loud to the little ones or vice –versa. At times with too many people, the noise level can be overwhelming, so it is important to have a place for them to relax and have some one-on-one time with a family member. Remember this room is not meant to isolate.

These are just a few ideas but the list is endless! Remember to incorporate your loved one into the activities. They may need guided assistance or supervision but it is important not to isolate.

If the Holidays have you feeling overwhelmed with activities and caring for your loved ones, we can help! Perfect Solutions for Seniors offers respite care ( eldercare) to help families that need assistance only for a short time.

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